With itdahosting, you will gain access to a pretty easy–to–use site creation tool. It’s extremely easy to get the hang of and it features an interface that is going to be instantaneously recognizable to everybody who has ever dealt with an admin interface. The site creation tool boasts plenty of eye–catchy design templates which you can modify with a click of the mouse and setup a site to your taste. Also, every website theme is mobile–optimized, so your brand new website will look perfect on all devices from the very beginning.

The site creation tool is a component of the itdahosting Control Panel, available with all hosting, Linux VPS hosting, semi-dedicated services, and Linux dedicated web hosting plans.

An easy–to–navigate site creation tool

No web development knowledge is necessary

The site creation tool built into the itdahosting dashboard is really convenient to use. It lets you kickstart your own unique site with quick point&click commands. You do not have to know HTML or some other programming language. If you have worked with an app or even a text editing application, you’ll know how to work with the site creation tool.

Via the tool’s interface, you can re–arrange page contents to your taste and set your own style with a click. Apart from that, you could insert photos, videos, and even your own community portal, etc. in no time.

Easy-to-use Site Builder

A variety of easy–to–redesign site designs

Stylish design themes that look cool on mobile devices

With the site creation tool, you’ll have access to variety of free site themes for all types of sites such as personal pages, e–shops, forums, and so on.

Every website template comes in various layout schemes and features numerous color setups. Additionally, you’ll gain access to a huge collection of stock images and will have the opportunity to pick from well over 100 different fonts for your website. Each site template is optimized to work across all mobile devices. Should you wish to change a given theme, you can do that with just a click. All of the pages and modifications you’ve completed will be transferred over.

A variety of easy–to–redesign site designs

Built–in help area and step–by–step videos

Watch how smooth it indeed is to launch a web presence

The itdahosting’s site creation tool offers a knowledge base which features comprehensive how–to articles and videos triggered by the most commonly asked questions by users.

You can learn how to personalize your theme and create an all new page. Also, you can see how you can switch your current site template or perhaps install a discussion board onto your site.

And don’t forget, you can communicate with us 24/7/365 if you require immediate assistance with your website.

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